Tips on Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Air conditioning has come up with several innovations during the past few years. There is the Energy Efficient AC wherein it promises higher energy efficiency, cooler air, and lower monthly bills. There is the Variable Speed fans that provide precision cooling and more silent running fans. There is also Zone Heating and Cooling—probably one of the best advancements in air-conditioning where warm or cool air is managed in various rooms by a centralized panel for higher efficiency. These three innovations have raised standards in air conditioning, and have added new requirements for AC repair and maintenance for manufacturers and repair companies in Tampa, FL.

So, here are a few tips on keeping your AC system working and in good condition.

Constantly check your freon levels. Air conditioning repair in Tampa, Florida can sometimes be expensive, especially if your AC is the heavy duty kind. In order to avoid overheating, do a regular check on your freon levels. A low level means there might be a leak which means you should have it repaired immediately.

Spending for an annual check-up and for your air conditioner and furnace couldnt hurt. Most air-conditioning repair companies in Tampa, FL offer these services, and availing it once a year is a good way of keeping your system in check. Furnace repair in Tampa almost costs the same as other air AC repair services. It is recommended that AC check-ups be done during the spring, and furnace repair or check ups during fall.

Keep your condensing unit clear. The condensing unit is found outside. Making sure that it is free from stacked leaves or other hindrances will save you and the air-conditioning repair company valuable time. Your unit draws air into the system though the outside condenser, and having something block the airway will most likely prevent it from cooling your house. Some owners cover up their condensers to protect it but this is a wrong assumption. You have to know that condensers were build to withstand outdoor conditions. You can keep your condenser in check by regularly turning on the unit (even before the hot months) to know if it still working. Also, constantly clean your filters for better air passage and to keep your evaporator from freezing up.

Check thermostat settings. Be sure the thermostat is set in the cooling mode. Just setting the dial below room temperature will not activate the air conditioning if it is set in the heat mode. Also, make sure to handle dials or buttons with care because initial control of the unit is through the panel control. Regularly clean this panel and clear it of any stuck pieces of particles or dust.

Do not use water or a hose to give air conditioners a thorough clean up. An extensive clean up is better left to professionals. Air conditioning repair shops will inspect the thermostat, clean and inspect the filters, check electrical components and controls, check oil motors, and inspect the heat changer for cracks. Repair companies in Tampa also offer heat and furnace repair.

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