The Ultimate Trane HVAC System Deal

When shopping for an HVAC system, it is important to consider the operating cost over the unit’s lifespan as well as comfort and reliability. A key factor which determines the operating cost of the system is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which is a measure of how energy efficient the system is. Another measure of efficiency specifically used for heat pumps is the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). Currently, the Trane XL19i Ultra Efficiency Heat Pump has one of the highest energy efficiency ratings in the industry, with a SEER of 17.90 and an HSPF of 9.0, which is high enough to qualify for a US Energy Tax Credit. When matched with a variable speed indoor air handler, this unit also has special comfort-enhancing capabilities. Additionally, the reliability of every Trane HVAC system deal is backed up by a 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Consumer’s Digest has awarded the Trane XL19i with the title of “Best Buy” in the premium category for heat pumps. There are a few features that make this one of the best deals on the market. The XL19i takes advantage of Trane’s Comfortlink II communicating capability when matched with indoor air handlers with the same capability. This technology allows all the different components of the system to be automatically configured and calibrated for maximum efficiency and performance. Comfortlink II also has an optional telephone access module which can allow the user to remotely receive updates and adjust settings on the system by phone.

Trane’s 2/4TEE Variable Speed Air Handler is an important key to this system’s ability to provide enhanced comfort levels. Most air handlers on the market only have three speeds, but the 2/4TEE has twelve. This allows for much finer control of airflow depending on the heating and cooling needs of your indoor environment. When configured with the XL19i, this system provides all the features of Trane’s Comfort-R technology which reduces variation in air temperature and results in better humidity control. This is done in part by allowing for warmer airflow during start up by reducing the fan speed, and thus minimizing fluctuations in the temperature of the air coming from vents. The XL900 Deluxe Programmable Digital Thermostat links all the components together through a clear and easy to use menu driven display to allow for care free operation.

But, to really make this the ultimate Trane HVAC system deal we must include the revolutionary CleanEffects air filtration system. CleanEffects can remove 99.98% of airborne allergens and 99% of flu virus from indoor air. This is eight times more effective than the best HEPA filters, but what makes it so revolutionary is that it does this without sacrificing energy efficiency. HEPA filter technology relies upon very small pores in the filter medium, which increases the air pressure drop across the filter and causes energy efficiency to suffer. CleanEffects does this without reducing airflow, resulting in greater comfort and allowing for more efficient use of energy.

Trane has engineered all of the components of this system to work together in a way to give the best comfort, reliability, and energy economy, making it one of the best HVAC system deals available today.

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