Should I Buy a Larger HVAC Unit for my Home?

Now that summer has started, homeowners will be relying on their a/c equipment to keep them cool and comfortable as the mercury continues to rise. When the system doesn’t appear to be running efficiently, it might be a warning sign that new equipment should have been installed.

It is times like these that people begin to wonder if they ought to purchase a larger heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC unit. If you are in this position, here are a few questions to think about before you contact your local HVAC specialist about ordering a larger replacement.

Does the AC in your Home Run Constantly?

A significant indicator that the ac unit is too small to get a house is if it runs all of the time. Efficient HVAC equipment will cool your home by turning on only enough to bring the temperature down to your preferred setting. If the system is operating all of the time, it’s working way too hard.

Assuming that you have had the machine inspected, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, you are able to rule out that the HVAC equipment is operating harder due to a buildup of grime and debris onto the coil, lowering its efficacy.

An improperly sized air conditioning unit which runs all of the time is more likely to break down and malfunction. A technician should make a heat-load calculation for your house to help determine the appropriate size unit for your own residence.

Is the Electricity Bill Always Too High for a Home of Your Size?

Paying close attention to your monthly power bill has shown you that it is always much greater than it ought to be for the size of the┬áhouse you reside in. This may be based on the invoices you previously had to get a similar house, or you’ve compared notes with your fellow neighbors.

An efficient AC system that’s been properly sized to your specific home will not use as much electricity. You will notice a decrease in utility bills and will also have the satisfaction that comes from doing what you can to conserve resources.

Using a Wise Thermostat with Your New HVAC Unit

If it ends up that you do need to install a larger HVAC unit, you will want to control the new gear with a smart thermostat. Program the thermostat to activate the AC based on your family’s schedule, which might change between weekdays and weekends.

Having HVAC professionals inspect, clean and maintain your gear annually will further help improve the efficiency in addition to prolong its useful life.

The high temperatures which we experience every summer, particularly in the hotter regions of the nation, require the best possible HVAC equipment to be able to keep your family cool and comfy. So make sure the AC equipment you use in your home is adequate for the job.

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