Duct Sealing: Some Serious Benefits!

While duct sealing and re-insulating can be an unexpected cost, it is really energy- saving that can quickly pay for itself.

Here are some of the benefits:
Economic Payback – Sealing and insulating your HVAC ducts is one of the least expensive, fastest payback, and energy saving project you can do. This can pay for itself in less than 2 years by lower electric and gas bills.

Comfort – Sealed ducts mean better airflow, fewer hot and cold spots within the home and faster response to heating and cooling needs.

Air Quality – Less air going to and from the crawl space and/or attic (dust, insulation and etc.) means less harmful particulate in the air for a healthier environment.

Safety – Leaking ducts pull untreated air from the surrounding area. Most furnaces and air-handlers are in the garage where you park your car. Any item that releases combustion gases (gas hot water tanks, cars and etc.) can introduce “back-drafting” into your system and distribute carbon monoxide through-out your house.

Resale – Lower energy bills increase the value of your house. Also, having all permits in place means less issues when it comes the time to sell the house since you are in compliance with all Washington Law.

Doing a duct sealing job properly includes stripping and securing all connections- including boots and registers. We use a mastic sealer to seal all seams, connections, screw heads and we eliminate all possible (visible) areas of leakage. When working with the PUD they inspect the sealing (a new law may soon include the requirement for a blower test to make sure the duct work is sealed properly) then give the “go-ahead” to insulate the ducts to R-8 and finish up.

This is a messy and dirty job and most choose to hire an HVAC contracting company. Evergreen State Heating & A/C is trained and certified to properly do the job and will take the time to do it right. When replacing a system we evaluate your entire duct system to make sure it is balanced for return and supply- most homes have return ducts that are too small for the system. We can also repair and modify as needed.

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